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Uranium 101
Uses for Uranium
General Information
Uses for Uranium
Compounds and Formulas

What Uranium Is Used For

Uranium's main use as you probably know already is nuclear power. Uranium does have other uses though. It is used as a target for X-ray production, as ammunition for some types of military weaponry, as a shield against radiation, as a counterweight for aircraft control surfaces and in the gyroscopes of inertial guidance systems.
Uranium compounds have been used for centuries to color glass. A 2,000 year old sample of yellow glass found near Naples, Italy contains uranium oxide. Uranium trioxide (UO3) is an orange powder and has been used in the manufacture of Fiestaware plates. Other uranium compounds have also been used to make vaseline glass and glazes.
Uranium also has a very notorious use which is in the making of atomic bombs. Below is a picture of a mushroom cloud formed by an atomic bomb.


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